Dedicated to Solving Individual Customer Problems


Uremet’s engineering, research and development professionals utilize a customized approach that is uniquely tailored to solve each individual customer’s problems.


Design and Analysis

Our engineers, which are among the most knowledgeable in the industry, specialize in: (i) analyzing individual wheel application challenges and developing new and innovative ways to solve them; (ii) continually developing and testing new polyurethane chemistries and wheel designs to produce new and better products with superior performance under the most challenging conditions; (iii) evaluating individual applications that are experiencing high wheel failures and recommending alternative chemistries or other changes to alleviate specific types of failure (such as blowout or delamination); and (iv) continually evaluating and modifying our proprietary processing and manufacturing techniques (mixing, pouring, molding and curing) to enhance quality, consistency and performance.


With over 100 proprietary polyurethane chemistries and the experience from developing wheel products utilized in cutting edge applications across several industries, our engineers have a broad knowledge base that can be applied to individual wheel applications. Our full service capabilities include:


  • Design of new parts, assemblies and wheels using the latest CAD 3D modeling software
  • Reverse engineering of existing parts through material analysis and engineering evaluation of wear, fatigue and failure patterns
  • Stress and fatigue analysis and optimization utilizing Cosmos FEA software and supporting calculations
  • Validation and other forms of testing using our custom built wheel testing equipment and amusement ride simulator
  • All of our parts are designed and evaluated in accordance with the applicable industry quality standards (for example, ASTM F835.5, F1159 and F1123 regulations for the design and construction of amusement ride replacement parts)



Wheel Testing

We have developed proprietary wheel testing equipment that is designed solely for industrial and amusement wheel applications.

Simulation Testing: Our testing equipment allows us to simulate the loads and speeds of industrial wheel applications, providing an invaluable tool to determine the best solution and maximize wheel performance. For example, based on the g-force profile of an amusement ride, we can duplicate the duration of a ride’s speed and load, which not only provides valuable data for superior wheel design but also allows for comparative testing of alternative materials.


Friction Testing: Our wheel design and test capabilities are further enhanced by the addition of our new custom-made wheel friction tester which measures a wheel’s static and kinetic coefficient of friction. The tester’s proprietary design provides the flexibility to simulate the operating conditions of individual applications and conduct comparative testing to measure the coefficient of friction across multiple variables, including: different tread materials, applied loads, wheel sizes, tread configurations, running surfaces, track lubricants and ambient conditions. This friction tester will improve our design capabilities and optimize performance of drive wheels across various applications.

Our wheel testing capabilities are also utilized extensively in new product development through the evaluation of polyurethane chemistries and the simulation of new industrial wheel applications. Using this state-of-the-art equipment, we maintain a commitment to quality and excellence that has established Uremet as the industry leader for high performance, solid polyurethane wheels.