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Specializing In High Performance Polyurethane Wheels

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Track Lube Plus™


Track Lube Plus™ is the environmentally friendly lubricant that works!


Available in either paste or liquid form, Track Lube Plus™ is effective as a wheel lubricant, anti-seize coating, corrosion inhibitor, chain lubricant, and track coating.


Track Lube


Track Lube Plus™ Liquid and Paste


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Uremet™ is a worldwide leading supplier of high quality, high performance solid polyurethane industrial wheels. Founded in 1992, Uremet initially focused on bonding polyurethane to metal and developing manufacturing expertise and quality standards to consistently process polyurethane, two core competencies of the company today. With these key strengths providing the foundation for the company’s growth and success, Uremet began to specialize in durable wheels for a variety of applications.


While our wheel products are utilized in cutting edge applications across several industries, Uremet is the leading provider of amusement wheels, particularly the tallest and fastest rides in the world. These roller coasters demand the highest quality, most wear resistant materials to handle high loads and the strains caused by extreme g-forces and high speeds. Today, our clients include the largest and most respected amusement parks and ride manufacturers in the world.


We’ve grown considerably since our founding by solving customers’ problems – a philosophy still at the core of our business. Our capabilities span research and technology development, design, engineering, prototype development, testing, manufacturing and repair. Customers have come to rely on us for quality, durability, safety, innovation, engineering and technical support. Our customized approach has resulted in one of the widest product offerings of polyurethane wheels. From small wheels to large 36-inch wheels to wheels that withstand speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour, Uremet is a leading provider of high performance polyurethane wheel solutions.


Our expertise can solve your most difficult challenges.

  • High speeds
  • Heavy loads
  • Heat resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Urethane bonding
  • Environmental resistant