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About Uremet Corporation

Uremet is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality, high performance solid polyurethane industrial wheels. Founded in 1992, Uremet has developed an outstanding reputation for product quality and customer service with a proven track record for solving the most demanding challenges for industrial wheel applications. While our wheels are utilized in cutting edge applications across several industries, Uremet is the leading provider of amusement wheels. Our clients include the largest and most respected amusement parks and ride manufacturers in the world. Uremet’s capabilities span research and technology development, design, engineering, prototype development, testing, manufacturing and repair. Our customized approach has resulted in one of the widest product offerings of polyurethane wheels. Further information is available online at uremet.com.



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Mark Moore, Founder and President of the Uremet Corporation

Santa Ana, California –– July 2016 –– Mark Moore, Founder and President of the Uremet Corporation, passed away tragically on Sunday, July 10th at the age of 64. Mark, a true pioneer in the Amusement Industry, founded Uremet in 1982. Through his tireless commitment to polyurethane wheel development and the amusement industry, Mark will always be known for his far reaching achievements on roller coasters and amusement rides throughout the world. His unparalleled commitment to quality and service are the foundations that Mark instilled in the development of the Uremet Corporation, which will always be the driving force behind the company’s ongoing success.


Mark’s presence will be sorely missed at Uremet as well as with all of our amusement customers. Above all else, he was a dear friend to many.


For those of us who were lucky enough to know Mark, the one thing we all came to know and love is that he lived life to the fullest. Always on a new adventure, whether it was hiking, or flying an airplane, Mark lived with a certain zeal that most people only dream of. He was on a motorcycle trip with his brother up the California coast to Alaska when he so tragically came to the end of his life’s journey.


Plans for a Memorial Service are pending. For those dear friends of Mark that would like to send a card to his wife Carol, please address it to her at the Uremet Corporation, 3026 S. Orange Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92707. The Uremet Corporation will continue to be the industry leader in polyurethane wheel development because of Mark’s continued influence. In his absence please direct any company business inquiries to Steven McAllaster or Thom Cammarota at (714) 641-8813.


Uremet is Ramping Up Rolling Resistance Testing

Santa Ana, California –– June 2012 –– Uremet prides itself on our engineering based, scientific approach to optimizing wheel design and performance and the research and development activities that are customized to solve individual customer problems. With that in mind, our engineering staff has recently invested a significant amount of time and effort in rolling resistance testing and analysis. These activities provide value to our OEM ride builder and amusement park customers by better understanding the affects that the wheel system has on the speed of their trains.

Rolling resistance testing is conducted on our proprietary, custom built wheel testing / ride simulating equipment using its built-in data acquisition system to log and analyze the data. Rolling resistance testing initially focused on measuring and analyzing the differences between types of tread materials at various applied loads and different ambient temperatures. We recently expanded this effort to test the impact of different greases, lubricants and bearings with and without seals as well.

Using this data we can better advise our customers about how different tread materials and / or changes to the wheel system, such as greases, lubricants, bearings, seals, etc., will impact the speed of their trains. We are happy to provide rolling resistance data and advice to our OEM ride builders to assist their engineers in ride design and our amusement park customers to help in operations and maintenance. Our rolling resistance testing is just another example of using our engineering and analytical approach to provide value to our customers and ensure that the quality and performance of our wheels remains at the top of the industry.


Uremet Talks Shop

Santa Ana, California –– May 2012 –– Our extensive equipment list just got longer. We’ve added the state-of-the-art ProPen P5000 benchtop marking solution to expand our machine shop capabilities. Using micro-percussion technology called dot peening, the P5000 produces consistent quality markings. Because it quickly adapts to part heights and accommodates materials with varying hardness, we’ll be using the P5000 to add serial numbers or markings to any kind of hub.


Uremet Introduces its New Quality Inspector

Santa Ana, California –– April 2012 –– As our customers know, quality is a top priority at Uremet. So we’re excited to welcome our new Quality Inspector to the team who brings an extensive aerospace background and experience with quality assurance, inspection, drawings and measurement, including familiarity with CMMs, inspection documentation, material testing, NDT, Q/A guidelines and much more. The continued expansion of our quality assurance team helps to ensure we provide our customers the highest quality products in the industry.


Uremet SuperLite 480™ Wood Coaster Wheel (Patent Pending)

Santa Ana, California –– April 2010 –– SuperLite 480 is the new line of road and guide wheels designed for all wood coasters that reduces the weight of a typical train by approximately 480 lbs*, thereby reducing train/track wear and overall maintenance costs. Uremet’s patent-pending 2-piece system, which utilizes an aluminum hub and steel outer ring, is also retreadable, which reduces future replacement costs.


Uremet’s SuperLite 480 wheels are backed by the company’s high quality manufacturing standards.


* Based on a typical train with 48 wheels.


Uremet Corporation™ Announces 2010 Training Classes

Santa Ana, California –– February 2010 –– Uremet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance solid polyurethane industrial wheels, recently announced its safety workshops for 2010. These workshops were originally developed for Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers International (AIMS), the leading provider of safety training, education and certification for amusement industry personnel. The classes, titled “Be Safe: Know Your Wheels” are designed to educate customers about the physical properties of polyurethane, the common causes of wheel failure and Uremet’s recommended inspection techniques. Uremet classes are also a part of the education program every year at NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials), a non-profit organization that also provides resources for amusement industry professionals dedicated to the safety of the industry.


Workshops, known for the comprehensive and informative curriculum, cover in-depth analysis and discussion on topics such as bearings and seals, lubricants, wheel hub inspection, urethane physical properties, modes of wheel failure, tread inspection tips and more.


“Be Safe: Know Your Wheels” will again be part of the safety seminar held at AIMS in November this year in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with the IAAPA Expo. The class will also be part of 2010 Safety Forum at NAARSO.


Greg Stevens, Head of Research and Development for Uremet Corporation, stated “As a contribution to the continued education and safety within the amusement industry, Uremet also offers this 90 minute question and answer class to customers at their facility, free of charge.” If you are interested in scheduling an onsite class, please contact Uremet at info@uremet.com.


Mark Moore, Founder of Uremet Corporation™, named AIMS President

Santa Ana, California –– June 2009 –– President and Founder of Uremet Corporation, Mark Moore, has been appointed President of Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers International (AIMS). Mr. Moore is taking over the position previously occupied by Brian King of Recreation Engineering, Inc.


AIMS is the leading organization dedicated to promoting standards, safety and services to the amusement industry. Each year, AIMS holds an annual conference, known as the Annual Safety Seminar, conducted by association members to promote safety through classroom instruction and hands-on training. AIMS also provides Certification Testing for amusement industry personnel as another means of establishing and promoting safety standards.


AIMS International, Ltd. consists of manufacturers, suppliers, organizations, and individuals that have a deep and abiding interest in supplying products or services to the amusement industry. AIMS International serves the industry by monitoring and working on issues that affect its members, such as government regulations as well as legislation covering product liability reform and amusement ride design, manufacturing and inspection laws. AIMS International participates in the development of standards including ASTM-F24 and international amusement ride safety standards.


This year, under the tenure of Mark Moore, AIMS is aligning with The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, or IAPPA. For the first time ever, the AIMS Annual Safety Seminar will be held in conjunction with the IAPPA Attractions Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 15 – 20, 2009. With the improved curriculum, combined efforts of both organizations, and the leadership of Mark Moore, the event is sure to be a success.


Uremet Corporation™ Adds Second Mori Seiki CNC Lathe to Machine Shop

Santa Ana, California –– May 2009 –– Uremet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance solid polyurethane industrial wheels, recently announced the installation of a second Mori Seiki CNC Lathe. The equipment increases Uremet’s production capacity to meet the increasing demand for quality complete wheels and wheel components. The new top-of-the-line equipment brings reliability and flexibility to the most demanding projects and offers greater precision and rigidity, accuracy and consistency in production.


The new DuraTurn 2050 has a maximum turning diameter of 14.5” and a turning length of 20.8” providing additional versatility. The equipment takes precision cutting to a new level and allows Uremet to offer its customers shorter lead times. Last year, Uremet produced over 10,000 complete urethane and nylon wheels in its facility.


Timothy Cockriel, Director of Business Development for Uremet Corporation, stated “the addition of the Mori Seiki CNC Lathe to our machine shop gives us additional capacity to meet our customers increasing demand for quality, high performance complete wheels. By using state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide the best solutions and highest quality products to meet our customers’ needs.”