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As a worldwide leading supplier of high quality, high performance solid polyurethane wheels, customers have come to rely on Uremet for solutions that exceed industry standards. We utilize a customized, niche product focus and have established a proven track record for solving the most demanding challenges for industrial wheel applications. Our customized approach has resulted in a broad product line and a diverse set of capabilities such as the ability to manufacture polyurethane wheel treads as soft as 20 shore A to as hard as 85 shore D durometer, wheels up to 36” in diameter or 24” wide, and wheels with flat treads, CNC machine crowns, concave / convex surfaces or lug patterns.


Uremet is also the leading supplier of amusement wheels, particularly for the tallest and fastest rides in the world. We provide the industry with not only high performance polyurethane and nylon wheels, both new complete wheels and refurbished / retreads of worn wheels, but also an extensive offering of replacement parts and complementary products / services.


Wheel Treads

Our product offering includes the ability to refurbish / retread existing worn wheels in order to preserve / reuse the existing wheel hub. Retreads of existing wheels include removing the worn material, cleaning / inspecting the hub, and applying a new polyurethane tread.


Wheel Hubs / Complete Wheels

New hub manufacturing services are also available to customers through our in-house machine shop capabilities. Our computer controlled Mori Seiki lathes and mills provide for precision machining of steel and aluminum hubs and tooling (both castings and solid billet) to tolerances of less than 0.0005”. Our full service manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet your new wheel needs and to enhance your wheel performance.



Multiple Wheel Types

  • Load / Road Wheels
  • Guide Wheels
  • Upstop Wheels
  • Flume Wheels
  • Solid Polyurethane Wheels
  • Nylon Wheels


Additional Components

  • ARB Pads
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Axle Pads


Select Applications

  • Amusement Ride Wheels
  • Steel Wood Coaster Wheels
  • Carnival Wheels
  • Transportation Systems (Monorails / People Movers)
  • Materials Handling Systems
  • Baggage Systems
  • Escalators / Elevators



Uremet offers a comprehensive line of lubricants that meets the difficult demands of amusement ride applications. Uremet’s lubricants, which are environmentally friendly, help to extend the life of your wheels, reduce wheel wear, eliminate noise caused by wheel scrubbing, season and protect the track from rust and corrosion and may increase speed.


Bearing Bore Repairs

As a leader in high performance wheels, we have unique capabilities for repairing a wheel’s bearing bore to original specifications and tolerances. Over time a wheel’s bearing bore can be dinged, scratched or wear until its internal diameter exceeds specified tolerances. Our capabilities to repair the bearing bores of worn wheels save our customers money by extending the useful life of the hub.


Bearing Assembly Services

While wheels are being relined, Uremet can install bearings as well. By using this service, customers will receive fully assembled wheels (greased per their custom specifications) that are ready to be immediately installed. Our bearing assembly services not only save our customers time and money, but also minimizes the potential for any damage to bearing bores through the use of our differential heat installation method. Uremet is also an authorized OEM distributor for SKF bearings and Klüber grease.