Ensuring Safety Through Our Commitment To Quality


Uremet products are backed by our extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing high performance polyurethane wheels that help customers maximize the performance of their wheels and related equipment. We utilize over 100 polyurethane chemistries with proprietary mixing, pouring, molding and curing techniques to meet the most demanding conditions, such as high speeds, heavy loads and high wear applications. Our manufacturing quality standards, precision manufacturing equipment and inspection processes have been developed and refined over our 20 year history to ensure the highest quality products in the industry.


Manufacturing Quality Standards

Uremet continually strives to improve its manufacturing processes to ensure customers the highest quality wheels in the industry. Over 20 years of processing polyurethane, we have developed numerous quality assurance procedures and maintain detailed documentation on each wheel we manufacture. We document 24 individual quality assurance procedures on every product throughout our manufacturing process. We maintain this detailed documentation so that it can be analyzed and tailored by our engineers to maximize wheel performance for each customer’s unique wheel application.


Precision Manufacturing

Uremet’s high quality, state-of-the-art equipment helps to ensure the highest quality products. Our in-house machine shop utilizes computer controlled Mori Seiki lathes and mills for machining steel, aluminum and nylon hubs and tooling to tolerances of less than 0.0005”. This top-of-the-line technology offers greater precision and rigidity, accuracy and consistency in the production of wheel components. In addition, we utilize both automated manufacturing systems (Urethane Dispensing Machine from Max Machinery) for high volume production and hand casting stations for low volume production.


Inspection Processes

Uremet adheres to strict quality assurance standards and stringent inbound and outbound inspection procedures for reconditioning worn wheels. Each wheel undergoes a complete functional, visual and dimensional inspection as well as a complete cleaning. Hubs with excessive wear, cracks or dimensions outside of previously set tolerances are rejected and returned to customers. In addition, our inspection and documentation procedures can be tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.


All of our manufacturing processes and inspection procedures are designed to further enhance the quality and safety of your wheels. We are constantly working to improve our industry leading processes.