Exceptional Customer Service By Going The Extra Mile


Uremet’s specialists provide the best service in the industry. We provide 24-hour access, 7 days a week for our customers with a call hotline, at no extra cost to you.


Onsite Technical Support

Uremet provides onsite technical support to all our customers and will personally visit any customer experiencing difficulties with a wheel application. We understand the uniqueness of each wheel application and are committed to providing the level of service necessary to ensure complete safety and the highest quality customer support.


Rapid Response

Uremet provides 24-hour order turnaround in emergency situations. There is no additional charge for this service.


On Time Delivery

Uremet is committed to meeting your delivery requirements. We work closely with customers to establish turnaround times that meet your own internal schedules. Historically, our on time delivery performance consistently exceeds 97%. Our targeted delivery schedule is two weeks following the receipt of your worn wheels and three weeks for new complete wheels.


Easy Express Pick Up

We make it simple, easy and inexpensive to ship your worn wheels to us. We provide customers with shipping containers and manage all the arrangements and paperwork. You save time and money with our discounted shipping costs.



Annual Field Visits

Uremet commits to a minimum of one field visit per year to each customer (most customers are two or more) and personally meet with our customer’s maintenance, purchasing and engineering professionals. Our discussions focus on wheel performance, pricing, new products and innovations, application / ride evaluation and any other areas of interest or concern for our customers.


Order Management

Weekly reports are available to customers that reflect the status and the expected ship date of each order. You can be assured that our technical experts are supervising every step of the process to provide you with high quality, high performance wheels.


New Installation Support

Uremet conducts onsite visits for new installations using Uremet wheels as necessary to assist in the successful opening. We are committed to ensuring the maximum performance of our wheels.


Training and Education

Uremet offers classes and training to help customers gain knowledge, insight, and ultimately to further ensure quality and safety. Uremet’s class, “Be Safe: Know Your Wheels” is designed to educate customers about the physical properties of polyurethane, the common causes of wheel failure, and Uremet’s recommended inspection techniques. The class covers an in-depth analysis and discussion on topics such as bearings and seals, lubricants, wheel hub inspection, polyurethane physical properties, modes of wheel failure, tread inspection tips and more.


If you are interested in scheduling a class, contact Uremet at info@uremet.com.