Self-Generating Lighted Wheel

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Self-Generating Lighted Wheel


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Lighted Wheel Uremet

Self-Generating Lighted Wheel*

“LED lighting adds a whole new dimension to the humble wheel – it adds a new element to parks in a unique way. Lighting has always been used to add drama and energy to amusements, from fluorescents on Ferris Wheel spokes to laser light shows. The lighted wheel captures the kinetic excitement of a coaster and can be seen from anywhere in the park and beyond. We have developed this technology over the past three years to be able to fit an entire generator and lighting system into existing wheel hubs. There are no wires, batteries, or other connections to the train – fully self-contained. In this way, a ride can be transformed overnight – just change the wheels! We are really excited about our ability to program the lighting to work with the ride elements, red for a particularly sharp turn, frenetic white lights for screaming down the first hill. We envision holiday theming as well for the fourth of July or the holidays.”

—Uremet’s Founder and Lighted Wheel Inventor, Mark Moore


Revitalize older rides or create WOW with new ones using Uremet Lighted Wheels.

Lighted Wheel Uremet
  • Re-theming with no downtime
  • Directly replaces existing wheels - no modifications to train or bogey
  • Patent pending technology: completely self contained LED lighting - no batteries, wires or moving parts
  • Customizable to specific rides and ride elements
  • Synchronized lighting patterns across trains; or coordination with other theming
  • Holiday patterns available (red, white and blue; green and red; etc.)
  • Data feedback option (acceleration, temperature, etc.)

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* Patent Pending